Zbynek Sterba
Product Designer

Hey. My name is Zbynek and I am helping people to better manage their digital lives. I use my background in user research to create digital experiences based on user-centric approach.

I started in the field of user experience in academia ten years ago, when I was involved in various scientific projects focused on usability and cognitive aspects in cartography. This was the time I definitely started to become passionate about fighting for user’s perspective of how we design things.

After finishing my postdoc project, I switched my focus to software industry and for more than four years, I've been working as a Product Designer. I've worked for GMC Software or Avast and currently, I am creating digital experiences and pixels at Pipedrive. Check out my portfolio and feel free to drop me a line or connect with me! You can also look at my resume.

Apart of my work, I love running in mountains with a camera in my hand.